Raymond Elstad - Bio and Artist Statement:

Photographer Raymond Elstad was born under a rusty sign on the Island of Staten, in New York, which is actually the borough of Richmond,so you might and could say that he is from New York, New York and that he is an Island Boy.

He has lived a desultory life, the aspect germane to our quest of discovering the whereness of his art breath, is that he attended somekinda learning institution and yes, studied ART, more than a man's name.

Raymond is an adjunct professor of photography at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA.

In him resides a major talent with a middle brow mind.

He uses Black Cameras.

He loves run on sentences in the third person, his sweet bride, and golf in the company of men. Oh Yes... He loves making images too he does...!

About The Work:

In my Nude and Pinup Work I seek to create images that sometimes are made with classic 'art nude' sensibilities and sometimes images that are more somewhat scandalous, amoral, and that often contain a bit of wit, but that stop short of the profane. 

I also love shooting Dance. It is a great joy to work with people that have been honing their skills as athletes and artists from a young age. 

I have a series that I call Neighborhood Walks which are not necessarily shot in my neighborhood. They are mostly made in the San Diego Metropolitan Area, in its older neighborhoods that are under attack by those who cannot fathom living in a modest bungalow and feel the need to destroy the past and  build a home that reflects their perceptions of the self they have worked so hard to become.

Here also you will find Travel, Street and images that I refer to as my WRS Series... Weird Random Shit.

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